Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top web design

Shoppers are back, and buying more than ever on the web and through mobile phones. That’s good news for online retailers, but it also means they have a lot of work to do.It means making sure their e-commerce sites are designed to rank high in search engine results, that sites are appealing and easy to navigate, and that they load quickly so frustrated consumers won’t click away. And they have to figure out how to integrate social network links into their site design, and to address the growing opportunity of mobile commerce.

There’s much to learn about each of those tasks, and the speed of web and mobile evolution means what e-retailers knew last year may be largely obsolete. The mission of the Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability Conference is to provide a single venue where online retailers can get up to speed on all these questions.The fourth annual Internet Retailer Web Design and Usability Conference will take place Feb. 14-16 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, and will feature 43 expert speakers and an exhibit hall where 50 companies will display their technology and services. In addition, each attendee will be entitled to two free prearranged 30-minute consultations, choosing among 24 participating web design experts.

This is the only e-commerce show focused solely on web site design and usability, and Internet Retailer publisher Jack Love calls it his favorite e-retailing event. “It’s the one where I learn the most about what I am certain is the single most important ingredient in a successful retail web site a design that uses the latest market intelligence, proven techniques and the newest tools to make a web site easier to find, navigate and submit orders.Retailers speaking at the event will describe a wide range of strategies for engaging web shoppers. For some retailers, that’s meant a thorough overhaul of an e-commerce site, as in the case of multichannel home improvement retailer Home Depot, which unveiled a new site design last year that features deeper content, easier navigation and faster shopping options.Hal Lawton, president of Home Depot Online, will describe the retailer’s strategy, and the results it’s achieved, in a keynote address.Visitors are coming to for help with solving a problem and quickly shopping for what they need at very competitive prices,Lawton says.The new design makes it easier to do that.

Quick fixes

But not every e-retailer has the time or money for a complete redesign. For those looking for easy but effective upgrades, there will be a session entitled 10 simple things you can do next week to boost your conversion rates,presented by Reid Greenberg, director of e-commerce and direct channels at web and catalog retailer Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Among his tips: bigger buy buttons, eliminating required registration and moving calls to action above the fold.
If you are looking for quick wins that will move the conversion needle on your web site, this session is for you,Greenberg says.For retailers not sure whether it’s time for a site overhaul, Timothy Peterson, vice president of marketing at NutraOrigin, an online retailer of nutritional supplements, will discuss the costs and benefits of a redesign in a session entitled Costing out a web site redesign.What’s the return on an e-commerce site redesign? How do you know what the priorities are? I will share examples to help you decide how much you can spend and how much you can expect in return,says Peterson, who has worked on several e-commerce site and development redesigns.

In and out

Sessions during the pre-conference workshop on Monday, Feb. 14, and the two-day main conference that follows will also deal with two major priorities of retail site design: making sure a site achieves high search engine rankings that bring in traffic and enable visitors who arrive at the site to find what they’re looking for easily.Any site design should take into account the search engine crawlers that index a retail site, says Mark Carson, vice president of marketing at, who will speak in a session entitled “Joined at the hip: Site design and search engine rankings,Carson says.Think of the crawler as one of the customers your designer wants to please most.That means, he says, eliminating unnecessary Flash elements that crawlers can’t see and enriching a site with blogs and product-specific keywords that search engines value.
Once a consumer arrives at a retail site, there are many paths he can take. Furniture retailer Carolina Rustica recently redesigned its site navigation after studying shopper behavior. President Richard Sexton will describe how his team reworked pathways to accommodate both customers focused on design and those searching for specific brands.We as marketers need to get inside the heads of our customers to figure out what works for the majority of them,Sexton says.

That’s especially true when designing mobile retail sites where speed and convenience are critical, says Jo Benson, chief operations officer at Vortx Inc., an e-commerce technology provider, who will speak in a session entitled Mobile: Step by step through a mobile site design.She will walk conference attendees through an actual mobile site design and explain the decisions required along the way.My presentation will use real, live examples to press home the power of conscious mobile design,Benson says.Like mobile commerce, social commerce is an important new arena for retailers seeking to reach the millions who visit social networks like Facebook and Twitter daily. How to produce measurable return on investment will be the focus of a presentation called What it takes to make social media initiatives succeed by Justin Perdue, web manager for neckwear manufacturer and retailer Beau Ties Ltd. Perdue will share what his company tried and tested, where it started and why, and how its social strategy evolved.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Making the web design more accommodating and engaging

Lona takes an innovative multi-media approach to website design and has been ahead of his time for years. His designs not only make websites more engaging, it also makes it easier to use for people with disabilities.When Chris Lona looks at a website he sees potential potential for a better, more engaging and user-friendly website.Companies really do themselves a disservice by having a standard web presence,Lona said.He uses voice narration, music, large type, and visual stimulation. He approaches a website like a presentation. A friendly voice presents the website to visitor guiding the visitor from page to page. Full-page images and limited text keeps the pages simple and visually stimulating.

It’s an exercise on simplicity,said Lona.The narration can be turned off or the user can skip ahead or back at any giving moment. Lona said that visitors navigate through the pages without having to use the mouse which aids the visually impaired as well as quadriplegic people or people suffering from diseases like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.It accommodates people with disabilities and engages everyone else in a more stimulating way,said Lona, who himself wears an eye-patch as a result of a brain tumor and double vision when he was a senior in college.Lona said his designs are relevant to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act which requires Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. Lona is on currently on contract with Seattle City Light to update their website.

One day there was a blind man riding the bus so I mustered up my courage and asked him questions about being blind. I asked him if a website with audio prompts would help. He said ‘that would be nice’,Lona said.I eliminated the need for a voice reader that talks like a machine. A human voice works so much better.Lona has a background in architecture and graphic design and specializes in branding. One of his current branding clients is Ballard Licensing.While his designs benefit people with handicaps, Lona said his projects started of with the intend to make presentations more engaging and that his real niche is in tourism, travel, and spa and resort websites.

The whole intent of a resort or a cruise is to enhance the experience but where does the visit start? - a standard, template based site when it could start with an interactive, immersive experience,he said.There are just so many practical, pragmatic uses for this design.But Lona stated he’s been having a hard time getting his business off the ground.Frankly, it’s been really frustrating to get people to see the benefits of this, he said. Lona said that his designs are far from the template-form websites which means he spends a lot of time educating people on the design and its usage.The encouraging things is that whenever I show it to people, people never say ‘I don’t like it’,Lona said.Lona said he sees the internet moving towards full screen videos instead of text-based websites.The beauty of this project is that the still images only take a minute amount of bandwidth.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Web Content Development Services

Denver based SEO company, Volume 9 inc. recently expanded their product line, adding website content development services to their strategic search engine optimization offerings.Recent studies have revealed that content is a key element in maintaining high organic search results and gaining website visitors. Moreover, as the way that people access the internet expands and becomes more integrated, a broad range of content can increase accessibility,reports Chuck Aikens, Volume9 president.Content is king; but only when it is well written and well optimized, according an internet usage study conducted by internet marketing research company, ROI Research. The study offered insights on just how valuable content development across various channels has become. Most notably, the value users place on organic results and the number of times users will modify a search to get specific results.

This really highlights the importance of having and maintaining context-sensitive content that employs hearty structure of keywords and synonyms embedded in truly relevant supporting text. Searchers should be able to find you across various channels even when they modify searches. A thorough content development strategy can make that happen, Aikens explained.
Content generation is key to gaining search engine rankings and website visibility. A high quality piece of content placed on third party websites can build valuable links back to a domain, drive traffic and generate interest in products or services.

Volume 9 inc. now offers a complete set of content management solutions providing blog content development, website page development and domain acquisition and development.We are pleased to offer clients content development services, and provide the most effective tools available in search engine marketing,Aikens commented.Volume 9 was founded in 2006 and offers web content development services to their partners and clients. The internet marketing company provides strategic internet marketing solutions that include the provision of unique, keyword rich content for placement on blogs, websites and third party sites.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Focus on Website Content with Design

Your new website design is even added absolute than you imagined. It's modern, impactful and simple to navigate. You put calm a few words of agreeable to ample the pages and it's accessible to launch.However, a few months down the band you are not accepting the after-effects you envisaged. Your seek engine rankings are not convalescent and those visitors who do acreage on your website aren't converting into business. Why?It's usually down to the actuality that you've disregarded the agreeable ancillary of your site. Attending online and you will be able to acquisition bags of online writing all answer the allowances of keyword optimised agreeable and how this can admission seek engine placements and accordingly admission visitors.But there are added affidavit why acceptable superior agreeable is so important. Words can be acclimated in a amount of means to add absolute allowances to your website.

Calls to Action

Use agreeable to animate visitors to yield the next footfall and acquaintance you about your service. Absolute calls to activity are actual able and should be acclimated throughout your website. It is absurd just advertisement the allowances of your artefact and again abrogation the clairvoyant with no instructions as to what to do next. This will not bulldoze the aggregation to buy or use the account on offer. You accept to angle them in and accomplish them feel like they accept to use your company. Strong, absolute calls to activity are actual important and able at converting browsers into customers.

Reader focused

Remember that the point of your website is to explain and appearance visitors what you can activity them and how they will anon benefit. Do not focus on your own aggregation too much; focus on the reader. You could even accord some specific examples or use case studies to advice acquaint assertive points. Showing how antecedent barter accept benefited is an able way to accomplish your account assume added personal.

Tone of Voice

If your ambition admirers is mainly builders or tradesmen, application agreeable that would not attending out of abode in the Daily Telegraph is not a acceptable idea. Never alienate your admirers by talking down to them or application accent that is not ill-fitted to the product. If visitors cannot chronicle to the accent again they will not assurance your company, consistent in them traveling elsewhere. Accomplish abiding you put yourself in the perception of the reader. What would you wish to hear? Invest in the casework of a web architecture aggregation who accept admission to a copywriter to advice bout the accent of articulation with the audience.

Never accomplish the aberration of absorption on what your website looks like rather than what it says. Visitors are fatigued in by what they see and read.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Choosing right web design company

The market for web design in the UAE has grown at an astonishing pace. 2010 has been a big year for the region, most notably the completion of the worlds’ tallest building, the Burj Khalifa Skyscraper and in Abu Dhabi the world’s largest indoor and first Ferrari theme park was opened.The region has seen huge investment over the last two decades and created an oasis in the desert. Cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi have emerged and are now key drivers for the region. The region is home to the offices of numerous multinational companies and corporations. In addition to this there is very healthy growth of small to medium sized business.

In today’s business world there is no doubting the importance of a web presence and the UAE is no exception. The problem is that the vast majority of web development firms in the USA do not have the same level of knowledge or experience as professionals in the West.Internet usage is growing at a rapid rate in the UAE amongst the 4 million or so people that live there. Companies are investing millions of dollars in the region and the internet is a vital communications tool which is only growing in use and importance. Choosing the right web design company to work with can be difficult but below are some useful hints to help with that difficult decision.

Talk to the owner of the business – Before any deal is made it is essential that you meet with the director of the web design company. This gives you an opportunity to test their knowledge and gives you an opportunity to talk about their previous and future projects and get contact details for referrals.

Check the Portfolio – For web design companies having a portfolio is a simple must have. It gives a web design company the chance to show off their work and you can quickly gauge what kinds of styles are possible. However, be warned because seeing them in a gallery is not enough. It is vital that the functionality of these is thoroughly checked.

The kitchen sink – The very best web design companies will do more than just develop a website. The best firms will begin with a free consultation which will be based on a very high level view of your business and who it is targeting or which markets are most relevant. It is also common to discuss the design and development process used by the web design company because this will help in organising time scales.

Following on from this the Dubai web design company should be able to demonstrate their skill in keyword research, content management, digital graphic design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web marketing. If your web design company can fulfil all of this then you are speaking to the right people.

The people – Knowing that there is a team of dedicated professionals with specialist skills, working on your behalf is hugely important and can give you a lot of confidence in the web design company you are working with.

The vibe – Finally, the design company you choose to work with has to feel right. The communication needs to be friendly but professional and constructive. In other words you must be able to question the design company and you should expect good answers in return. Companies who don’t listen to their clients inevitably let them down so if you are ignored head somewhere else.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Straight North Offers Web Design Usability Services

Straight North, an industry leader in Internet marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO) and Web design in Chicago, provides Web design usability solutions that help generate leads for business in a technology-driven market. Experts at Straight North offer Web design strategies and services that can guide online audiences through a company's Web pages and turn prospects into clients.Leading Internet marketing firm Straight North offers Web design usability services to help companies generate online leads and improve business.
The Internet has become a reliable platform through which people find businesses, services, products and information,said Branson Pierce, art director and web designer at Straight North. "The right Web design strategy is simple, consistent and easy to navigate, with a clear message that speaks directly to a company's target audience.The Straight North team is comprised of consultants, designers, Web developers, writers and Internet marketing specialists that communicate closely with clients to understand the company's vision and goals, and then transfer those ideas into a clean Web design that improves business. Essential Web design strategies also incorporate content and SEO, reaching markets at every level and converting traffic into leads.

In addition to Web design in Chicago, other services offered by Straight North include SEO strategies, PPC advertising, corporate branding and copywriting.At Straight North, we offer a wide range of services for a complete Internet marketing solution,said Pierce. A successful website focuses not only on design, but on the site's content, branding, advertising and much more. Straight North clients can count on our wide breadth of expertise to create a website that truly enhances their business.

ABOUT STRAIGHT NORTH:Straight North is a Chicago-based interactive marketing agency that provides creative, strategic and technology solutions focused on increasing our clients' revenue and advancing their brand. Straight North's services include Web development services, SEO services in Chicago, interactive and social media strategies, branding and communication, graphic design, market research, strategy development and consulting.

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